Our Services

Project Control

If you need consulting support for the execution of projects in your organization, contact one of our representatives, who will guide you to minimize critical routes and complete the activities in the different phases of your project, ensuring quality.

Data center management

We have specialists with experience in data center management, if you need to improve your data center operations, ask our experts about our improvement plans.

Database administration

Our team has database administrators with the skills and abilities in different types of databases, to ensure continuous improvement in your company.

Database migration

Contact one of our experts to ensure the ETL strategy that allows you to move your organization’s data safely and with the confidentiality that your business needs.

Change management

If your business grows and you need to implement changes in your systems constantly, we provide services that include: planning, development, unit and comprehensive testing, implementation and post-production support, minimizing the interruption of services in your business.

Business intelligence

Does your organization have reports on your production? We provide datawarehouse solutions with the reports that your business needs.

Process engineering

Our process experts handle different methodologies, in order to analyze problems and design solutions to improve your organization’s processes.

Applications development

At present, applications have become the center of attention and the solution to many problems present in the companies. Contact one of our representatives who will help you identify a need, providing alternatives so that it can be immediately solved by technology-loving developers.

Server Implementation

Do you need to upgrade your current server or buy a new one? We can recommend the best solution, adaptable to your current need, we give you recommendations thinking about the growth of your business.

Migration to the cloud

We understand the current needs to incorporate your business in the cloud, our experts determine the weight of your data on the current platform, and estimate costs and guide you during the phases of your migration to the cloud.

Backup and disaster recovery

 We design backup strategies that allow you to recover your organization’s data, from a desktop application to a business application